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Lucid Dreaming Device - the ability to consciously alter the content and control the narrative of your dreams.

Using low profile electronics hidden in a comfortable sleep mask, Lucid Dreaming Mask supplies customizable light patterns that your dreaming mind can recognize, allowing you to take control. Whether you've only just discovered lucid dreaming or you're a veteran trying to get lucid more often. 

Remee Lucid Dreaming Sleep Mask reintroduce individuals to the miracles of dreaming. Utilizing soft, adjustable lights, it helps recollection and clarity of dreams, and opens the world of lucid dreaming. Let us tell you how.

Remember & Control


Human subconscious mind is great at developing a narrative and precise images while sleeping, but it is terrible at recalling those the next day.

A person who dream for about 2 hours a night , which is the average dreaming state length, can only remember the bits and pieces of the dream that they were having just before waking up.

Where’s all the creative thinking, insights, stories that you experienced? All the valuable info that you could benefit about your subconscious?

Lucid Dreaming Mask’s programmable soft signals promote better dream recall by instilling some awareness into the dreaming mind. By connecting these dots you will be able to recall your dreams lot easier.




The path to Lucidity begins when you get successful at implanting awareness into your dream. Realizing that you’re dreaming in a state of deep sleep is exciting, entertaining and educational.  You have to keep practicing to get better control of your dreams.  There are lucid dreamers out there benefiting from this ability for ages by using it for problem solving,  creativity, inspiration, self awareness or just for the kicks.


Night Lights

Remee's LEDs fill in as your touchstone to the waking world. Utilizing a progression of clever timers, light signals are shown throughout the night, focusing on your REM cycles where dreams frequently happen. The light patterns can be as soft or as strong, as bright or as dim, and as quick or slow as you prefer. The extra time you've spent tuning your patterns the better success you'll have enhancing recall and clearness, and the closer you'll be to lucidity. 



We all have different sleep habits, that's why Lucid Dreaming Sleep Mask developed with several adjustable options in mind. By using our online tool, you can customize your lights to create a mixture of styles, timings, and brightness that is unique to your sleep habits. the concept is to create a signal that is strong and intense enough to take place in your dreams, but without waking you up. This may differ for every person. Just go to our website, create your own settings, and then copy that to your mask.


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